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Well, let me just explain this. When we talk about the composition has not been decided, we have to look at it in this particular light: The Special Forces agreed that if we succeed I, if I became the president, one of them would be vice-president. That's the military revolutionary process that is going on.

This process that I'm talking about, I do not become President of Liberia until after an election. I am only known as leader of the NPFL. It was known that I would participate in the election. This process that I'm describing here, when I say the composition has not been decided, we have a typical example right here in court, your Honour.

There were groups in Liberia, right in Monrovia, the gentleman sitting at the rear of the Court, Cllr Lavalie Supuwood, a member of my legal defence team, was one of the individuals in Monrovia that was dispatched via la Cote d'Ivoire to bear message from supporting groups of - remember I talked about progressives in Monrovia - to bring word to us that they were with us. So we had support in Monrovia.

So by the time we succeeded militarily there would have had to be a transitional government. It is those progressives that would have to be brought on board in setting up this transitional government that would then put into place the mechanism for elections.

Now, Charles Taylor was going to be a candidate, so the deal was wherever I led one of them would be vice-president and that is what happened. So, when I talk about not knowing the composition, we did not know yet in Monrovia who all were going to join the government, because everybody from the same Amos Sawyer, Cllr Supuwood in - the whole group in Monrovia said they paid his way, go, carry out message. That's how he came in the bush and joined us.

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