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No, I mean we're talking apples and oranges. Who are these people that someone will have to appeal to them? I mean, number one I don't know even - the three letters you use RUF I don't even know who they are, because I mentioned to you I met Ali Kabbah in Libya. He had several unions there, but they were not called RUF. They were the Sierra Leonean Pan-African Revolutionary Movement, so RUF is something that doesn't even play. The little Gambian group that is in Burkina Faso are not - these are not the people to appeal to.

What I'm appealing to are the large democratic nations, the leaders of the free world. When we talk about that, who are we talking about? We're talking about the United States, we're talking about Britain and we're talking about Europe in total because that's the free world at that time. So that appeal is going to nation states.

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