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We had several target audiences, I would say. Again, principal was the response of the international community to what was going on. That was very principal in our traditional ally. That was very - this was one of our principal target populations. We were also looking at Liberians in the diaspora. We were also looking at other democratic countries around the world, because again - and I hate to keep repeating myself - we are dealing with the period of the Cold War. Anything, a little group like the NPFL going into Liberia and removing - and by the time of this crisis in Liberia, don't let's forget Doe has - while he's not liked for what happened during the elections, but Doe is beginning to receive support from the United States in an attempt to probably encourage him to leave. So Doe is not hanging out there to dry. So we are beginning almost immediately to appeal to the United States and the powers that be that this is a worthy cause and that we cannot be looked at as one of these groups that were coming to start some communist Marxist-Leninist regime in the heart of West Africa. So this is very intentional and it's very targeted in trying to deal with democratic nations across the world that we knew could come after us with the hammer.

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