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Okay, I asked that question because "under your umbrella" goes again to the heart of this very indictment that it could be construed that the RUF was under my umbrella, so if we're not talking about the RUF I will continue while you have clarified this.

Well I don't know, your Honours, what else I could have done in Liberia. I entered the country. I trained the men in the rule of law and respect for human rights. I keep into place civilian courts. I set up a court martial board. I put into place all the mechanism. There are several individuals at the highest level of the NPFL, my Special Forces that I took so long training, and you must understand it was painful for me to execute some of them. I followed the law and I meant everything that I said here and it was demonstrated on the ground. I don't claim for one minute that there may have been some things that went on that I did not know, or that did not come to the attention of authority, but I had everything put into place and even Prosecution witnesses who have come before this Court have talked about the tribunals and they've talked about the execution. I meant this. I followed it to the letter.

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