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Look, no President of Liberia yesterday, no President today and no President tomorrow will be able to lead successfully in Liberia if there is the slightest view that Liberia is pulling away from our traditional relationship with the United States. It would be suicidal. It would never happen because Liberia is still considered to be America's little farm in West Africa.

And I do not use that word "farm" in a negative sense. Liberia little brother. Let's not forget Liberia was established as a place of asylum for the black man by the American colonisation society and has remained in contact with America ever since. It was not Ghana, as President Obama went to. I mean, the blacks that returned from the United States went to Sierra Leone and Liberia. We are just unlucky Ghana is getting the glory. But the black population came from the southern states and all back to Liberia and so that connection with Liberia remains until this very day. America has always felt that her little brother is Liberia and that's why I mentioned as former President that America has not been the friend that she is capable of being.

Now if you look in Africa, I mentioned yesterday the Francophone block and I did mention that these are those that had colonial masters as France. You had the Anglophone block and these were the British that were their masters. Liberia was never colonised by any country. The United States upon sending the freed slaves did not seek to colonise Liberia, so Liberia is neither Francophone nor Anglophone and so we are just a little island hanging out there that has traditionally stuck close to the United States. I hope I have explained it.

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