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That's what we were - that's the very point we were trying to make here. We are dealing with an era of the Cold War. Libya has been bombed by the United States. Libya is supposed to be the pariah in the international community. Surely having trained in Libya will be an issue.

We while training in Libya, and I remember telling this Court, the Green Book - listen, I led a group into Libya as an educated man. We were not a bunch of - the three of us, Ellen, Tom and I, are educated people. The Green Book I said we read and it was not imperative that it be accepted in Libya. Libya did not insist on that.

Now knowing that we had trained in Libya and it would be an issue during that period, we had made it clear to Libya - and Libya did not insist otherwise - and we remained very strong in our views and we wanted to make it very clear here and now that, "Look, for those of you that might come out and say because these people are trained in Libya these are supposed to be Gaddafi personal people, we are setting it straight here and now that we are not. We owe nothing to Gaddafi. He did not ask for anything in return for whatever assistance he gave." We wanted to set the record straight because our traditional friend the United States would have raised these kinds of issues and we wanted to assure the United States immediately that if we succeeded that they would remain our traditional allies, as they are.

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