The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

And then it goes on, paragraph 3:

"Following the aborted elections the popular resistance movement, under the leadership of the late commanding General Thomas Quiwonkpa sought to overturn the Doe regime with minimal force and restore democracy to Liberia. The Doe regime brutally put down this uprising and took harsh retaliation against innocent civilians in the northern counties taking hundreds of innocent lives, and forcing thousands of Liberians to flee their homes as refugees."

You've already recounted that history and so we won't delay:

"Having exhausted every possible avenue of reason and having seen every effort to peacefully effect a change of governance by constitutional means crushed by the harshest use of force we, the members of the National Patriotic Front, under the leadership of Charles Ghankay Taylor, feel it is our right and bounded duty to rid the people of Liberia of this cancerous despotism by whatever means at our disposal with the following objectives."

Before we come to the objectives, however, help us with this please: It says on the first line of that paragraph, having exhausted every possible avenue of reason. What were they?

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