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Every day, there was a courier that came from inside Liberia, to me in Bin-Houye. There were regular, regular messages. By this time we don't even have radio communication. We are just sending people across the border, okay, informing us of what is going on.

Another thing that was being done, at a particular time, the other gentleman that I mentioned, one of the other individuals that is a part of putting together the NPFL, Tom Woweiyu at this particular time, is getting information and becomes the spokesperson of the NPFL, so the third source, even sometimes we got some information ourselves, Focus on Africa became a famous place. They were reporting. So someone would call Tom and Tom what announce, because there were times I didn't even know where my front line was. By front line, I mean the military unit is moving - it's not moving like a conventional army on a straight line and progressing. You will find some people here, some people are maybe 15, 20 miles ahead because the advantage that we had, we were not using highways. These guerrillas would go into the bush, take short paths and everything, so I didn't even know for the most part where our front line was, but as they received message, the command structure would send the message across the border to me.

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