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I do not accept that at all, that it was widespread, because of the action that was taken against those individuals. Look, when you see the leader of the NPFL court-martial generals and Special Forces - and don't forget it took me two years. These were the best trained men, I can almost say, in West Africa. When you see me put them on trial and a court martial board comes down and says they are guilty and they are executed based on the ruling of the court martial, a junior commando or anybody else would have to be a fool to do the same thing. So it was not widespread, because we dealt with people from senior members of the NPFL that the Prosecution has talked about here. They've talked about Samuel Larto that the very Moses Blah spoke about here that was executed. They've talked about Oliver Varney. These are all Special Forces.

Now, when you take those actions against the most senior of your armed forces, that is a lesson, and no one, no one can, in his or her rightful mind, say that it was widespread. It was not widespread. I deny that seriously. It was definitely not widespread. And if you can remember here, I - just before I stop - there has not been one case brought before this Court where there was an amputation in Liberia, not one. Not one case. So it was just not tolerated.

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