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To the best of my knowledge, let me explain what I heard here from this boy Marzah. There were at checkpoints in Liberia skulls, not human heads. Skulls were used as symbols of death. I saw them, yes, not what the Prosecution said he drove by human heads. I drove by those skulls. They were used as symbols, I asked specifically, and these were not our people. The combat had gone on, enemy soldiers had been killed and skulls were used. I knew that and did not bother it, because again I am a member of western fraternal organisations. Symbols as skulls are used now today in western circles, at universities and other things.

I saw - and I will be honest because this is about my life. I saw nothing wrong with using skulls. It's a blatant diabolical lie that I, Charles Ghankay Taylor, or anyone because of the discipline we had would drive by a human head and intestine.

But let's think about it for a minute. How long would an animal intestine last? How long? If you even took an animal, say a sheep or a goat, intestine and you tied it up in the sun, within a few hours it would probably be disintegrated. It is total nonsense just to try to advertise and make this big publicity as though people are brutes and savages. Well, we are not. I am not.

There were skulls, I knew of them and let me tell me I am a past noble father of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows. It's in Britain. It's in the United States. It is western. If any Oddfellow member is hearing this, we know what symbols are. Those were only skulls that I saw and would not have tolerated anyone killing or putting some human head up. It would have never happened and did not happen.

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