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I mentioned to this Court that the Special Forces were also trained to turn these matters over to civilian courts. We did not dismantle the NPFL. When I say we, we did not dismantle the civilian structures that were on the ground. And they were told and taught that if civilians committed acts against civilians they went to justices of the peace. They were dealt with by civilian administration. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I won such a large percentage during the elections.

When we got in, we knew what we wanted. Civilian activities remained. This is why - it's not to say that civilians did not do wrong things, but all of those executed were soldiers and so you wonder, "Well, did only soldiers do bad things?" No. But civilians that committed crimes were judged in civilian courts and they were sentenced and put in jail, so there were jails, there were justices of the peace, there were judges still that were put back into place in NPFL held territory.

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