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The first real indication of where we started taking action was, it was brought to my attention that while it was true the soldiers that were killed by Prince Johnson had done something wrong, but it was also brought to my attention that that was also based on an old family conflict. And immediately, the action was taken in an attempt to arrest Prince Johnson, we did not, but, the pursuit of Prince Johnson commenced and we chased Prince Johnson from the Gborplay area all the way into Monrovia. We did not relent.

I said that Prince Johnson had to be arrested at all costs. He got afraid that we might take some very stringent actions as maybe court-martialling him and probably killing him and so he did not yield but, as we continued, every soldier, and I am not going to sit here and play no angel, every military personnel of the NPFL that violated that operational order that I explained before this Court by raping a woman or murdering a civilian or murdering another soldier, was court-martialled and a decision of that court martial was carried out to the limit.

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