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To the best of my knowledge, no. Bush wives, as I heard in the - during the trial testimony, did not occur in Liberia, no. We did not have - at the time that we started this revolution, no, that did not happen with my knowledge. It would not have been accepted, because that would have constituted rape and we executed several soldiers for that. So we were very, very, very, very stringent.

That phenomena in Liberia, I can't see it because you can have more than one wife. So, you know, and there are tribal procedures for getting married. We didn't have to go and get a licence. There were procedures that you could have one, two, three wives. So I am not claiming before this Court that that did not happen. I would not make such a claim. I am saying that to the best of my knowledge, it was not brought to my attention and if it had happened and it had been brought to my attention, that soldier would have been dealt with.

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