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Let me just explain here. If you look up, your Honours, going toward the horn of Nimba there is a place here where I am pointing called Sanniquellie. Now, if you follow that red line coming on down you are going to come to Ganta. That red line is the only highway that runs all the way through Liberia, all the way down to Monrovia. The only highway. So this section of Nimba was about the last area to be captured. But what we did do, realising that the strength of the armed forces then had moved into Ganta using the highway, we moved westward, coming into the direction of Buchanan, down here, where we had the least resistance. So while we had not captured all of Nimba County by the - let's say the beginning to the middle of February, but we had advanced substantially westward into the areas of less resistance. Okay. Because this is all bush area, forest area, so the commandos took the liberty of moving westward.

So I just - I am saying this because I don't want the Court to believe that we are just stuck in Nimba trying to grab Nimba and if we have not grabbed it we have not moved, no. We are spreading and capturing those areas. So we were able for example to actually capture Buchanan before we even captured Gbarnga, which comes further down on that Monrovia Highway. If you follow my pen coming on down there is Gbarnga, right there. So you will see that we had moved from Gbutuo, all the way westward, but we had not moved fast enough going northeastward.

If your Honours need any more clarification, I don't want it to be confusing, because we are not just stationary, the troops are spreading out. The areas of most resistance, we leave in a particular direction. The area of less resistance, we move full force and this is what we were doing.

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