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They moved and by this time don't let's forget - let me remind the Court we are in friendly territory. Nimba is friendly territory. So thousands of people are coming in immediately, which any training group would do. Training bases are opened immediately to volunteers. So there are thousands of people coming. And as rumours would have it, and this is where we have now that we are dealing with, that's what's got me here, there are good rumours and there are bad rumours. Now, there were some good rumours at the time that the NPFL had entered with thousands of men, and so the Armed Forces of Liberia was really put off track, but that was not true. We only had the exact number that I mentioned to this Court. So this whole bad rumour of thousands of men, just threw the Armed Forces of Liberia off and they were just - we went into towns that we didn't have to fight. I mean, they were just running and leaving the place. Okay.

And those that were further away from Nimba, because what Doe had done successfully, the troops that are placed in Nimba - remember, Nimba is a hotbed, Doe is already angry, so the soldiers that are in Nimba are neither members of the Dan nor the Mahn ethnic groups. So these soldiers are just fleeing. They know they are in hostile territory so they just virtually desert. So within a very short time, within the first month, we had virtually captured all of Nimba County.

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