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By this time the group that went to Gbutuo I would say was about a platoon and a half, around 60 plus men. Not more than a platoon and a half, because remember I said we had spread these men. There were only 168 men and we had spread them out.

They successfully captured Gbutuo and it took another full day to two for those that were fleeing Monrovia. Imagine having to escape from Monrovia. There is only one road from Monrovia all the way up country through Gbarnga to the border. Some of them had to be avoiding security checkpoints. In fact, it took some of the boys almost up to a week to finally get back to their units. By this time the units have captured Gbutuo and have started advancing inward and so those boys reached.

The group in Guinea we had to use some of their friends that they knew, because remember I said they had been sent into Guinea with the Mahn ethnic individuals that they knew. They all started putting pressures in, "These are our family people. They are not soldiers", so eventually I would say within five to seven days they were released.

So what happens is everyone started moving back to la Cote d'Ivoire and by this time everybody knows that the troops are moving, so I would say by the second week almost the entire unit is now together and moving in the country.

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