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Unlucky for us a trained soldier sometimes is good, but sometimes he can be stupid. The way they moved and behaved there were other soldiers there that looked at these guys and said, "But you guys look a little different. I mean, your movements are movements of military people." And what happened to those boys that was explained to me later is there is a trick that I think military people use. At the back of the foot, behind the heel, a soldier can be picked up almost immediately. It's a little darkened because of the wearing of the boots. That was the inspection that was carried out on them and they saw the dark spot between the heel, coming up to the ankle. They said, "But you guys should have been in military training", and they ended up arresting most of them and so that part of the plan had failed.

The only other thing that was left was Gbutuo and these men successfully went into Gbutuo and successfully are led by Prince Johnson.

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