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We decided to spread in la Cote d'Ivoire and Guinea. Those that were from the Mahn or the Mano ethnic group could go to Guinea. Those from the Dan ethnic group could go to la Cote d'Ivoire. And, for your Honours, you have the Dan ethnic group predominantly in la Cote d'Ivoire, also in Liberia, and the Mahn, which are the Manos, are also in Liberia and mostly in Guinea. So the Mahns are more closely attached to the Guinean side of the border and the Dans are more attached to the Dans on the Ivorian side.

So we tried to break them up and put them back into these countries to begin doing minor work while we continued to fight to see if we could find locally, and by locally, I mean from security groups and friends - if we could get - you know, maybe buy a few rifles to at least start something, because these men were well trained and they kept saying to me: "Chief, look, we are trained. We will go in without weapons if we have to and we will have to get weapons even if we have to steal them from the army until we get sufficient". So they were anxious and so we split them up in these countries to just stay low and see if we could work something.

In the meantime I obtained a few thousands dollars from the Mataba that would have assisted us if we found such sympathy amongst the securities either of the Guinean side of the border or the Ivorian side that we could in fact buy a few rifles if they were available.

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