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Well, I would say bittersweet, more sweet than bitter, and let me explain what I mean by this. While we were in training - and by we I mean the NPFL. Let me note here that I did not take any military training. A little group within the NPFL decided that they would use me, put the revolution together. They had already said to me - remember I explained to this Court that the decision for the leadership of the NPFL was made by the men and there was an agreement I mentioned to this Court that upon the completion of the revolution I would be President, but one of them should be Vice-President. And I will explain later how Moses Blah became Vice-President, not because of any big qualification but because of that promise.

They decided - by "they" that little group in the NPFL decided that great, we want to do this but when we get on the ground and succeed to a particular point we will kill him. Since one of us will be Vice-President we will have everything in our hands. Most of them did not agree. This story broke up and a bunch of them were found to be involved in this conspiracy. Those that were found and even disciplined on the base included a gentleman called Anthony Mekunagbe. That name has come through - it's on the records. There was Oliver Varney. There was the late also Samuel Varney. You also had another one called Timothy Mulibah. Also a part of that group was a gentleman called Yegbeh Degbon. That is also on the record. That name has come forward. These are the individuals that formed this little gang. They were dealt with on the base by being punished, but as we go further we will know that they still harboured this intention as the revolution started.

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