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Because of the sheer size and number of them, we had requested a place outside of the capital Ouagadougou where they could stay and probably do some work. By work I mean a little farming, because let me just clarify one thing here. By the time these men are about to move we are desperate.

What do I mean by desperate? Remember I explained to the Court we have not gotten yet a firm okay to move arms that we had been promised but had not received to Sierra Leone because of what I explained of the ambivalence on the part of Momoh and his own fear of what I explained of having such a large amount of arms come into the country.

Burkina Faso is available, but they really can't help because they don't share a border with Liberia. The men are in Libya, the training is over and they are now anxious to move. Everyone is just jittery about moving. So the only solution is to move them into Burkina Faso and then provide - ask for a place that they could stay and do a little bit of farming at a subsistence level for themselves until something could be worked out. By something I mean that a mechanism was put into place to move them to their objective.

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