The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Excuse me, your Honour. The whole process of having men stay in Libya for two years, as I've mentioned previously to the Court, was to have them train not just as soldiers, but as revolutionaries knowing very well not just the art of war, but how to deal with civilians, how to treat the citizenry in particular and how to remain the what we call eyes and ears of the revolution.

So our plan then was to train these whole men, may I say, and whole I mean in all aspects: the civilian administration, being military and being able to handle and understand the intricacies of what is necessary if we were lucky to take power that there would not be any excesses. They would then go into the country and because of the sympathy that existed on the ground, and may I say on an extreme level maybe the desire to maybe fight back at Samuel Doe, they would be in a position to take control. So one special force commander, we call them commandos, was capable of handling on his own. Now, let me --

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