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The first matter has to do with what the Prosecution provided. First of all I point out that indeed the Prosecution did provide its witness list as core and back-up. The number of core witnesses was 139 and the number of back-up was 65, but we did make that distinction, and it was 204 total.

Secondly, the Prosecution has no change of position in relation to the counsels' ability to speak with the accused and that is not what we talked about when I made the point. It was the accused's contact with witnesses. That was the point I raised, so we don't want to conflate those.

If the accused has the same privilege as his attorneys then we have no protection in the system for any kind of integrity of the proceedings. He is not bound by any professional code of conduct and he's not unrepresented. The privilege has to do with counsel talking with the accused, not with the accused talking with potential witnesses. So we wanted to clarify those two points. Thank you.

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