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"The Government of Liberia renews its request to the United Nations to put into place a mechanism to ensure transparency in the monitoring of its border by the United Nations. Our commitment to the restoration of peace and security in Sierra Leone is evidenced by the following measures undertaken with regard to the situation in Sierra Leone:

1. The government has publicly and unequivocally stated its support for the elected government of President Kabbah and condemned the atrocities perpetrated against the people of Sierra Leone;

2. The government has requested, through the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that the United Nations deploy observers at the Liberian-Sierra Leonean border to monitor the implementation of the United Nations embargo;

3. The government has requested ECOWAS, through its executive secretary, to deploy an observer unit of ECOMOG at the Liberian-Sierra Leonean border;

4. The government has offered to conduct joint border security activities with the Government of Sierra Leone;

5. The government has undertaken to maintain regular high-level contacts with the Government of Sierra Leone through the exchange of envoys;

6. The government has voted for and supported sanctions and embargoes against the AFRC/RUF and all ECOWAS initiatives for Sierra Leone;

7. The government has offered to accept undercover security personnel from Sierra Leone to operate in Liberia in assisting to ensure that no activities against Sierra Leone are carried out;

8. The government, through its President, has proposed an initiative to assist the peace process in Sierra Leone and; the government continues to provide safe refuge for tens of thousands of Sierra Leonean refugees in Liberia."

Had you done all of that, Mr Taylor?

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