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No, we never got this. This is one of those investigations that has been called for many, many times before the Security Council, but just never got off. I guess nobody was interested in getting to the bottom of it. The little ones - remember, the one about the 5,000 troops, we are able to get to it right away. They go to the border, no 5,000 troops, finish. The other one about this Bukari Musa with the 3,000 troops, we're lucky to get people to go to Camp Naama immediately and look at it.

This general problem that we've asked for, if you watch it here he will say the Government of Liberia. Again, the Secretary-General of the United Nations is admitting that we've asked more than once, "Listen, people. This is not true. Let's launch an investigation." We never get to it. From that time, going through 1999/2000, the United Nations never launches a formal investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the information that is just being put across the world press. Never do.

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