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"In fact there has been no consistency with regard to whom is being accused. Political opposition leaders living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America and certain non-Sierra Leonean businessmen deported by the Kabbah government have also been accused. What is quite interesting is the fact that Sierra Leone is not only bordered by Liberia, but by two countries. The other country has a border three times the length of the border with Liberia. The strength of the rebels and their activities have been confirmed to be concentrated in the northern region, which is of geographical proximity not to Liberia, but to the other neighbour. The eastern region, which is of geographical proximity to Liberia, is calm. The accused white mercenaries have been identified as Ukrainians. The only presence of Ukrainians in the sub-region is to be found in the other neighbouring country."

Pause there. What are you talking about there?

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