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"I am pleased to present my compliments and to refer to recent accusations made against the Government of Liberia by the force commander of the Monitoring Group of the Economic Community of West African States and the foreign minister of Sierra Leone at the recent meeting of the ECOWAS Committee of Five on Sierra Leone held in Abidjan on 28 December 1998. The Government of Liberia was accused of supporting the rebellion in Sierra Leone.

The Government of Liberia wishes to inform the Security Council that it is in no manner or form supporting the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council or the Revolutionary United Front forces in Sierra Leone and that it continues to abide by all existing Security Council resolutions and embargoes. The failure and inability of those parties accusing Liberia to produce any evidence or proof is sufficient grounds to warrant such accusations as not credible and speculative. The Government of Liberia calls upon the Security Council to investigate freely those malicious allegations, which are purely intended to cover up the failure of the use of force as a policy to end the civil war in Sierra Leone.

It is important to note that, whilst accusing Liberia of supporting the rebels, both ECOMOG and the Government of Sierra Leone have also accused white mercenaries and certain senior military officers of the Sierra Leonean army in Freetown."

Pause there. Was there this accusation of white mercenaries being involved, Mr Taylor?

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