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Let's skip over to the observations and recommendations, shall we:

"Sierra Leone has suffered a serious setback. I deplore the recent intensification of hostilities and the rebel attacks on Freetown. Nevertheless, the international community has not abandoned Sierra Leone and should not do so.

The ECOWAS Committee of Six on Sierra Leone has shown commendable initiative and resolve. I endorse its conclusions and urge ECOWAS to meet at the summit level as soon as possible, with the participation of all interested countries to consider ways of dealing with the current situation. The summit should consider how best to continue its support for the legitimate Government of Sierra Leone, how to achieve a political settlement of the conflict and how to relieve the humanitarian needs of the Sierra Leonean people.

Nevertheless, ECOWAS and ECOMOG should not bear the burden alone. I commend the Governments of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States for their past and continuing efforts to ensure the provision of the necessary logistical support to ECOMOG, and encourage member states to be prepared to make further contributions to the peace process as may be required.

I also welcome the various efforts that have been made to secure a peaceful solution to the conflict through dialogue, including those by the President of the Gambia and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Military successes will not win the rebels legitimacy or recognition. I therefore call on them to open discussions with the government on any legitimate political demands and grievances they or their supporters may have.

The future of UNOMSIL now appears much less clear than it did only a matter of weeks ago and the modest expansion of the civilian staff that I envisaged in my report of 16 December is untenable in the present circumstances."

I don't think - unless there is anything further you want to direct our attention to, Mr Taylor, I don't know if there is anything further that assists?

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