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I was very, very upset. Very upset that this could have come from Shelpidi again. I was very, very upset and just didn't, you know, know what was going on in Shelpidi's mind because at this meeting if you look at it - the picture that we have to look at here is this: Here is the ECOMOG forces commander at a meeting. And just like you see in the Secretary-General's document saying they are mercenaries, people begin to quote mercenaries, mercenaries, mercenaries. The foreign minister of Sierra Leone going at that particular meeting would not say to the forces commander, "No, you shouldn't be saying this", so I was very upset that Shelpidi had ended up at a foreign ministers' meeting and made such accusations.

And may I say that meeting and that accusation did not even reach to the Heads of State level. It stayed right at the foreign ministers' level after we issued a very strong condemnation of what they were saying.

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