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"On 7 January 1999, the presidency of Togo, the current chairman of ECOWAS, launched an urgent appeal to the President of Sierra Leone and the leader of the rebel forces to order a halt to the fighting. In his statement, President Gnassingbe Eyadema stressed that as the forces of the ECOWAS monitoring group were forces of peace their mission in Sierra Leone was to help the Sierra Leonean brothers put an end to the fratricidal war and find a political solution to the conflict between them.

President Eyadema urged the President of Sierra Leone and the head of the rebel forces to order their troops to lay down their arms in order to permit the opening of a political dialogue between the Sierra Leonean brothers with a view to definitive settlement of the crisis."

Let us pause there for a minute, Mr Taylor. Now, in that December period had your brother President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah made any direct allegation to you of complicity with the rebel attacks which were mounting in Sierra Leone?

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