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"In a letter addressed to the president of the Security Council dated 6 January, 1999, President Taylor reiterated that the Government of Liberia was in no way supporting the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council or the Revolutionary United Front forces in Sierra Leone and that it continued to abide by all existing council resolutions and embargoes. Citing the lack of evidence or proof produced by those who had accused his government of doing so, President Taylor called on the Security Council to investigate the allegation and again proposed that the United Nations establish a mechanism to monitor the border between the two countries.

The committee, now known as the Committee of Six on Sierra Leone, appealed to the rebels to cease fighting immediately, to lay down their arms and to recognise the government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah as the legitimate government in Sierra Leone, to participate in dialogue and to accept the government's offer of amnesty. The committee inter alia also urged the international community to leave the rebels in no doubt that they would never be accorded recognition as the legitimate government.

The communique which has been circulated called for an expedited provision of logistical support to ECOMOG. It expressed grave concern at the aggression being perpetrated against Sierra Leone and strongly condemned the activities of the countries providing support to the rebels. The communique condemned the presence of mercenaries in Sierra Leone.

The Committee of Six called on the chairman of ECOWAS to embark on initiatives to develop true and genuine rapprochement between the Heads of State of Sierra Leone and Liberia and resolved to deploy all measures necessary to re-establish dialogue between the government and the rebels, as prescribed in the Abidjan and Conakry Peace Agreements."

You note that, Mr Taylor, "to re-establish dialogue between the government and the rebels as prescribed in the Abidjan and Conakry Peace Agreements", yes?

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