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It was on the news wires. My security advisors came in to brief me and I said, "But this is impossible. These people are saying that Liberia is involved?" I convened a national security council immediately with the foreign minister, defence minister and other people to put together a document immediately, because when these things come on the wires like this - these accusations - you have to act immediately.

I convened a national security council immediately. We drafted a letter immediately to the Secretary-General for the Security Council to explain that we knew nothing about this thing, that Liberia was not a part of it and we were as shocked as everybody else about what had happened in Freetown. And that document was sent immediately.

Now on the 7th of January, or thereabouts, the Secretary-General did a special - a special report. Not one of the regular reports, but he did a special report for the Security Council dealing with the Sierra Leonean crisis.

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