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He was contacted twice to the best of my knowledge; that morning and then later on in the evening. I think it was that day if I'm not mistaken. One of the security personnel informed me that they had heard Sam Bockarie on the radio stating that Freetown was under attack, and I said - and that Sam Bockarie was saying that his boys - or something to that extent - were in Freetown. I said but this cannot be possible. We just contacted his boys this morning. He said that he knew nothing about it. How can he be saying something that - get back to Bockarie and find out what is going on that he could say this morning he knew nothing about it, but somebody is telling me that they hear him on I think it was the BBC saying that his boys are in Freetown. I want to know what's going on.

So that day I would say at least twice he was contacted, in the morning hour and after this so-called - I didn't listen to the radio report, but it was reported to me that he was on the radio.

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