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Well, then he missed the plan. The plan was back in Libya from what I'm hearing. So he missed the plan, except maybe it's no - lies. Look, it never, ever happened. A plan to take over Sierra Leone? For what? What do I want in Sierra Leone that I don't have in Liberia?

1998, I'm President of the Republic of Liberia trying to make peace. What do I want from Sierra Leone? What do I want that I don't have? Sierra Leone has diamonds. We have diamonds. We have gold. I'm sure they have gold. We have other - we have oil, we have natural gas, we have bauxite, we have uranium. What do I want from Sierra Leone?

These little boys that have been brought here to tell these kinds of stories and just open up a wide gate. In 1998 maybe if we had been more specific maybe we would have tied up these little boys in some of the lies because they would have fallen into a period that I had not even met Bockarie.

I, Charles Ghankay Taylor, as President of Liberia sent for Sam Bockarie in September. He came in September. October he came through again. He went to Burkina Faso in 1999. There were several trips. Every trip that I invited Sam Bockarie to Liberia I would tell this Court and the world because I did it with the consent of my colleagues and I would not hide it. So there is nothing - no other reason why I needed to be in touch with Sam Bockarie except for the peace process and through God's grace I worked hard to get that peace. As hard or harder than almost any single person in ECOWAS and I challenge any one of them that are still in office to come here and say that Mr Taylor did not work.

So this thing about little plans here and - it's all a blatant lie, a part of this fabrication to make it look as if Taylor had some separate agenda in Sierra Leone. I had no agenda in Sierra Leone outside of what ECOWAS and our OAU colleagues decided. None whatsoever. And everything that I did in Sierra Leone they knew. I kept them informed, we worked together all the way into Lome, all the way in Issa Sesay in 2000, everything they were part of it. So all this thing here about separate, there was no separate plan. None.

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