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Never had any arrangement with Sam Bockarie. But what could have been interesting for this, even though I know it's very difficult over these years to get periods, exact months, but we've tried to stick with periods, probably we would have untangled this lie because my meeting with Sam Bockarie in 1998 occurs all the way in September. So he could be talking about something that is impossible.

So I mean, that type of wide open stuff that he is talking about is just - is just the nature of how, you know, they ask these questions and these boys just want to say things and just say, "Oh, in 1998 this happened". Never. Never. What arrangement? Never had any arrangement with Sam Bockarie.

My discussions with Sam Bockarie were straight to the peace process and if I had had any inclination or any idea that Sam Bockarie and his people intended to perpetuate the conflict I would have told my colleagues in ECOWAS and we would have tried to deal with it. I never had any separate arrangements with Sam Bockarie outside of the mandates that were given to us. That was the extent of my discussions.

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