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He would have been, but besides let's stretch it out a little more. Here is a man that was involved in combat against the government, you understand me? He's arrested.

Now if I'm planning a covert operation in Sierra Leone to establish a unit, I'm going to send an enemy force to go and do it? Does it make any sense? He's already an enemy soldier. He's supposed to be the one to go and lead up a unit? How is that possible?

He is an enemy soldier to the government. He's being released because we are trying to reconcile, but if you want to send someone on operation to do who would you send? You want to send an enemy soldier, because I'm looking at him at that way at this particular time, okay?

As President I was not thinking enemy, not enemy, but I mean how do you take somebody that just fought the government out of prison, reconcile him and tell him say, "Go to another country to head up something called Scorpion." It doesn't hold. Keita is lying.

And Keita - Abu Keita - from even additional information that we received subsequently even ended up in Ivory Coast, so Keita is a mercenary. That's what Keita is. And he's going around, digging and he ends up in the Ivorian crisis also. No.

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