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Abu Keita is a very close - one of Varmuyan's boys, because Varmuyan was his senior commander at the time of ULIMO-K. For Abu to say that Benjamin - I don't know if he had such discussions with Benjamin, I have no knowledge of it, but if it's to the extent that Benjamin said that I said that is not true because you don't send one man - well, we have a same example. I sent one man called Isaac Mongor to go and train a whole army, who he himself had just come from training in the presence of Special Forces, and this one Isaac Mongor trained the whole army that invaded Sierra Leone. So we always have these one man armies that are being sent by Charles Taylor and I don't know how they make it up. So now I'm sending this Abu Keita now to go and head Scorpion and who does he carry? Just his hands and his feet. It never happened. It never happened.

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