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Well, you know, that's one of these cases where I'm sure the Court will appreciate - I would beg the - if it's possible for the - maybe through the Court administration or maybe through the Prosecutor's office, can we ask Britain and the United States to declassify some of their radio intercepts in the region during this particular time? This will clear up the whole issue. So somebody comes to this Court and says: Oh, there was a radio message. Who is silly enough to get on the radio - if there's something going on - to get on the open radio to talk this? But if there is such communication, it must be in the log of either the British or American intelligence, because that's their business. That's what they were doing off the coast: Listening. So I'm not going to keep suffering, okay, in prison because of speculation and all these kind of things. So anybody - you get up, "Oh, there was a radio call."

Well, look, there are ways. This trial, I'm here backed by Chapter 6 United Nations resolution. Chapter 6. And in all fairness to me when it comes to justice, the United Nations should ask all its member states that have pertinent information and evidence to bring it forward. You can't hold me in jail, I mean, for years just on this type of nonsense that has come here. It's got to be - the United States has the capacity to unravel this case if they choose to - if they choose to come forward. This is not a very - what is so classified - okay, if it's classified. Let's bring it in a private session. But you cannot continue - okay, you come to Africa, you see one little African leader. Maybe at that point in time they wanted to make a point. Oh impunity. If we grab one little African leader, lock him up for the rest of his life, destroy him, then you have done something. Well, look, you want justice, bring the information. I mean, how do I defend myself against this person said that somebody said. It never happened, counsel. It never happened, and I hope in the interests of justice they will bring some of the - they've got the information if it's there. It has to be there. It has to be there. Release the radio transcript. We heard this. Here it says the US has this capture or the British military. They were out there. But, I mean, I cannot just continue to suffer in jail on this nonsense. That's all it is.

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