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Well, let's go. Let's look at October. We've already said here in evidence that Sam Bockarie has already made the first trip in September. Why should there be a secret meeting again, when I've already met Bockarie for the second time in October? So why would there have to be a secret meeting to go and tell them to hold something? If it's true, all Sam Bockarie had to do was to go back. So what was Jungle supposed to be doing? Jungle was supposed to be sent? It was simple to tell Sam Bockarie go and do this, if that's the case, and Sam Bockarie will just say, "I have my instruction, I will do it." Why there must be a Jungle and an Ibrahim Bah to do could have just been said to Sam Bockarie? Nonsense. Total nonsense, okay? And I don't know who put them up to this kind of thing, but that's total nonsense. It just did not happen.

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