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"Dependable sources have given indication that RUF commander SAJ Musa was fatally wounded yesterday and may have died in the early hours of today.

This followed a fierce battle between ECOMOG and AFRC/RUF rebel forces under his command in the course of desperate attempt to attack Benguema military training centre near Freetown.

It is indicated that he might have died in the early hours of today, 24 December 1998, from the head wounds he sustained in the attack.

In another development, ECOMOG has averted an attempt by rebel forces to infiltrate Freetown with weapons.

This was achieved yesterday night when, acting on a tip-off from some patriotic citizens, ECOMOG soldiers succeeded in intercepting that was discharging arms and ammunitions near Cape Sierra Hotel, Freetown.

The arms have been seized by ECOMOG, and the captain of the boat is currently being interrogated."

So in intercepting a boat that was discharging arms and ammunition near Freetown.

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