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Well, I'm not even sure if this is - it sounds like an allegation. I'd just say this is pure nonsense that Shelpidi is talking about. He's just coming from Liberia. If anybody wants to make an allegation in his position as forces commander, it would not be done through a press release. What the general would do would state specifically that it may be recalled on this date and this time arms came into Liberia, or we saw it, we registered it, we did - this general, he's talking about arms going on - going across the border, which no one is prepared to say that small amount of arms did not go across that border. But the official nature of those arms is what my government is saying we didn't have the arms to even go after, I mean, the Roosevelt Johnson forces.

In fact what happened, some of the arms we used to go after Roosevelt Johnson forces were the very arms that had been given to the security unit assigned with government after my election as President. ECOMOG gave us a certain amount of arms for some internal security purposes. We didn't even have the full means to - if Roosevelt Johnson forces had really been strong, they would have overrun the government because here is ECOMOG pulling out. So where the frustration really is is this: There are arms going across the border. ULIMO is selling arms, people that bury their arms during the disarmament process, and so on. So there is that frustration, and it sticks in everybody's mind, and I guess if I were in his position or in Kabbah's position, I probably would believe the same thing.

The arms coming across the border, even though they know we do not have arms - and he doesn't say here that we are importing arms that he is seeing. But how are these arms getting across there? Of course people are selling little amounts that they're digging up and selling across the border. And it's frustrating for everybody, and I guess this is more like what he's referring to.

And then again, there is another part of this that I see. There is a purpose also behind this. You have the United Nations sending Ambassador Dahlgren down. They need logistical and other support. You have to try to pep it up a little bit to talk about the problems. But let me just make it clear. These matters, if there was anything that was substantial - or that had been substantiated, I am sure that it would have been discussed at the Heads of State level and I would have been confronted. But this press release, quite frankly, I would just say this is good old Timothy Shelpidi with some of his arrogance that got him thrown out of my office, got him thrown out of Liberia, and got him out of Sierra Leone in the shortest possible time. That's all I can say about this.

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