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None. Well, let's go back. Where is Shelpidi coming from? He's coming from Monrovia. Shelpidi is there as forces commander for most of 1998. Did Shelpidi, who occupied the airport, see any weapons coming in? No. Shelpidi's knows very, very well. This is why I'm saying from his level I can see where he's getting from - this Shelpidi I know he's annoyed, but where - if Shelpidi, knowing that ECOMOG is in Liberia where he was forces commander, he should have been able to say, "Well, weapons are coming into Liberia. We saw this shipment", or, "We saw that shipment."

You know, I wouldn't pay too much attention to this press officer and what he is saying here to Ambassador Dahlgren, because if Shelpidi had any concrete information and he calls himself a trained soldier and he's the commander of ECOMOG, this information would have gone not even to the President of Nigeria.

As ECOMOG forces commander you are directly under the command at the time of the chairman. Whoever is the chairman of ECOWAS is your commander-in-chief, not your host government, and so at this particular time the new President of ECOWAS is already President Gnassingbe Eyadema and such information would have gone to Eyadema. But if you read from the last document you just went through, where Shelpidi's own press release and the conclusion that he made, you can see that Shelpidi really doesn't understand his mission and quite frankly he doesn't stay in Sierra Leone very long either.

This is a problem. When forces are in your country and speaking in the language that Shelpidi is speaking about, this was all improper. There was no way a forces commander, or a military general, has any authority to issue any statement against a nation, especially another nation that is a part of the authority. I really question his own discipline at the time. That's why he didn't even stay in Sierra Leone very long. He had no right to make such pronouncements that had not been sanctioned by ECOWAS.

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