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"Ambassador Dahlgren said by virtue of his experience on his assignment as chairman of the Security Council's sanctions committee on Sierra Leone, particularly while overseeing the sanctions imposed on the junta regime, he vividly recalls the efficiency of ECOMOG by the professional way it enforced the embargoes imposed on the illegal regime. He declared that the subsequent success of ECOMOG in Sierra Leone was therefore not surprising considering its high rating in competence.

The ambassador said the United Nations was particularly anxious to see total peace restored in Sierra Leone, hence his visit to access the situation.

Responding, General Shelpidi thanked the envoy for his interest in the activities of ECOMOG and the need for peace in Sierra Leone. He assured him that as far as ECOMOG was concerned it has done everything within its powers to block arms reaching the rebels.

He however enjoined the envoy to ensure the international community prevails on neighbouring countries who continue to aid the rebels with weapons and logistics as has been proved by ECOMOG discoveries in several occasions. He said the borders remain the only possible channel of illegal weapons and the situation is compounded by the peculiar porous nature of African borders and ineffective enforcement of arms embargo on certain countries in the said region.

We therefore urge the envoy to ensure that the international communities are encouraged to be more decisive in sanctioning suspected arms trafficking governments.

ECOMOG on its part would continue to ensure that any known access of arms into Sierra Leone is effectively blocked.

He went on to brief the envoy on the activities of ECOMOG and its constraints as well as plans for monitoring and implementing peace agreements in the sub-region.

The United Nations's envoy who was received by officers of the ECOMOG high command also paid a courtesy call on the chief of defence staff, Brigadier General Maxwell Mitikishe Khobe. He was accompanied by UN officials in Sierra Leone".

And we see it's signed by Major AC Okukolade, chief military press information officer, yes, Mr Taylor?

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