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"Really one should wonder which operation the reporters are referring to. Certainly it has absolutely nothing to do with ECOMOG. The force ECOMOG was not party to any arrest as claimed, neither was any suspect taken to ECOMOG base as insinuated.

Indeed, we consider this report as another feature of the media campaign apparently intended to drag ECOMOG and its reputation as a peacekeeper into the slanted analysis or report on the unfortunate Camp Johnson Road incident and killings. We would, however, advise those who are desperate to offer explanation or seek scapegoats for the happenings during and after the incident in Monrovia to look elsewhere for their alibi and leave ECOMOG out of it all. This counsel is necessary to save them from being embarrassed by the wrong assumption that ECOMOG is ignorant of actual happenings around.

ECOMOG high command wishes to state that as a peacekeeping force, it is well aware of, and always guided by, the need for neutrality and straightforwardness in all its dealings. ECOMOG has done everything possible over the years to carry out its role in the interest of the government and the people of Liberia and will continue to maintain peace and security in line with ECOWAS's mandate. While it is sad that despite all the careful efforts of this high command ECOMOG is becoming a target of slander and orchestrated defamation, we can still assure all peace lovers that we are undaunted. Indeed, we are not bothered because the truth is in our favour.

The forgoing situation notwithstanding, ECOMOG wishes to reiterate our partnership with sincere peace lovers in Liberia. The media should please save this society from rumour and mischief makers in order to maintain the hard earned peace in Liberia."

And it's signed, "Shelpidi, Major General Force Commander," and dated October 1998.

Now, Mr Taylor, we've mentioned your relationship with this general before, haven't we?

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