The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Let's read on and see:

"On Monday, 21 September 1998, Liberian defence ministry officials informed ECOMOG that a number of armed men, alleged to be supporters of Roosevelt Johnson, were hiding in a cave behind the American embassy. They requested ECOMOG assistance to arrest the suspects or flush them out. A team of senior ECOMOG and Liberian security personnel were subsequently constituted to carry out the exercise. At the end of the operation, it was discovered that the information was false after all; no single individual was found at the location after a thorough search.

It is therefore amazing to read in the media after a few days that some people were arrested and taken to ECOMOG base after the operation and that whatever happened to the suspects or arrested persons thereafter was unknown. Really one should wonder which operation the reporters are referring to."

Does this ring a bell now, Mr Taylor?

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