The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"The third issue is the calculated twist of fact on Friday, 2 October 1998, when a number of Liberian media organisations carried a story alleging the disappearance of a number of people who were taken to ECOMOG base after a joint operation to arrest some suspected loyalists of Roosevelt Johnson. Indeed, the falsehood contained in that story has stunned not only the ECOMOG high command, but also the Liberian defence ministry officials who are aware of the true situation of things.

Having agreed with the defence ministry officials on the need to put the record straight in the interest of proper public information, the ECOMOG high command is constrained to reaffirm that the story in question is indeed not true. The explanation is deemed necessary more so as no refusal seem to be forthcoming from other official sources as agreed. Indeed, it is most unfortunate that such information was attributed to a highly placed government official, Mr Philipbert Brown, a defence spokesman."

Mr Taylor, was there such a spokesman?

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