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Going back: "In the first place, Roosevelt Johnson did not have any ECOMOG bodyguards assigned to him since his return to Monrovia. The only ECOMOG troops present in Camp Johnson Road area were those deployed at security checkpoints. Liberians, and, indeed, all knowledgeable observers of the situation in Monrovia, would appreciate why such a deployment was necessary.

Besides, it is noteworthy that the ECOMOG force in Liberia is composed of highly professional Nigerian and Ghanian military officers who appreciate the importance of decency in the maintenance of law and order. If the attempt to give a chronology of events of the night of 18/19 September had endeavoured to apply some rational reasoning in analysis, the writers would have realised that the easy picture painted of ECOMOG resupplying Roosevelt Johnson with arms and ammunition on the night of 18 September could not have gone without casualties to ECOMOG in the face of the heavy weapons used by the government security forces at Camp Johnson Road. The possibility of the claim as presented in that report is therefore clearly unthinkable. It is all false.

Another instance of the smear campaign embarked upon in the aftermath of the Camp Johnson Road shoot-out was the report aired by a number of media organisations on 2 October 1998 accusing ECOMOG of airlifting out of the country over 100 Liberian citizens to an unknown destination. ECOMOG has already unequivocally refuted this misinformation, and it is hoped that our point is clear. There was no airlift of Liberian citizens as claimed. Only 12 Sierra Leonean refugees, duly cleared by appropriate government agencies, were offered humanitarian transportation assistance on 1 October 1998 from the Roberts International Airport to Freetown."

Now, we've dealt with that in the previous article, Mr Taylor.

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