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Yes, we learned about - look, this is a whole episode of activities. Don't forget, who brings Johnson back into the capital? The very - the United States government does not have any helicopters in Liberia, okay? ECOMOG helicopters surreptitiously flew him back into the capital. As far as communication is concerned, the walkie-talkies, these are small hand-held radios being used by Johnson at the time were also being used by embassy officials that were outside of the embassy. Remember we explained that certain embassy officials were outside and got caught up in this exchange of fire. They were in communication.

But what ECOMOG did at this particular time, it was a carefully crafted move. The withdrawal of ECOMOG from these city points were intended to give Johnson forces a free move. And at the end of the day had he succeeded they would have said: Well, we were not a part of it, we withdrew off the streets. It was just a ploy. It was a mere ploy. They were a part of it, you understand me? And we had said at that particular time that if ECOMOG had gotten herself involved, she would have had to deal with our forces too. So let's remind the Court at this time there's a reduction of ECOMOG forces now. There is that gradual movement into Sierra Leone. So they are not in full strength in Monrovia, so they are not also prepared to take any serious chances with the rest of the government forces, because in actual fact - let's be very frank. There are arms hidden in Monrovia, we talked about, in some of these areas. Government forces have also, in line with ECOMOG in some of the cordon and search operations, found arms - you know, some caches of arms at homes. There were constant cordon and search operations in Monrovia. So in that area security forces have a few arms that they can use themselves.

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