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"This withdrawal took place as soon as the source, purpose, and possible outcome of the clash became clear. Since then ECOMOG has restricted its operation to the traditional role of manning established checkpoints and protecting certain vital and vulnerable points known to government. Obvious as this approach by ECOMOG is, it is curious that certain officials and media representatives have ignored this noble stance. Rather they have continuously sought, in a calculated manner, to create the impression that ECOMOG was involved in the complications that greeted the whole episode. The high command would like to cite instances of this unfair campaign of calumny.

One instance was the accusation leveled against the force in an article captioned 'The Camp Johnson Road saga, chronology of events of the Roosevelt Johnson crisis with the Constitutional Government of Liberia', written by one Jickson Jones in the September 28, 1998 issue of the Daily Times newspaper. Under the subtitle 'Government's Swift Response,' the writer gave the impression that some sort of connections existed between Roosevelt Johnson, ECOMOG and the American embassy, and that the three maintained communication during the shoot-out."

Mr Taylor, did you have any intelligence to suggest a connection between Roosevelt Johnson, ECOMOG and the American embassy?

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