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And we're still looking at that tension which I just asked you about between ECOMOG and the Liberian government and community. Now, let us look at this document:

"Gentlemen of the press, you may recall that the Liberian government security forces had a clash with some residents of Camp Johnson Road from the evening of 18 September 1998 to Sunday 19 September 1998. This incident has attracted a lot of reports, comments and analysis by various media organisations and individuals. While the episode lasted the ECOMOG high command carefully ensured that the force did not play any role that could jeopardise its credibility as a peacekeeping mission. We are satisfied that our objective of strict adherence to the principles of neutrality and non-involvement in the conflict which lasted several hours was achieved.

It is however unfortunate that in spite of our dignified stance in the whole issue, certain officials and media reports have constantly sought to drag ECOMOG into the controversy surrounding the shooting incident. It is for this reason that we find it necessary to clear the air once and for all. We believe that this gesture will afford sincere observers of the Liberian situation an opportunity to be objectively informed. Subsequently we shall be trusting on your good sense of judgment and fairness as responsible partners in the search for peace to properly utilise this forum to ensure the best dissemination of correct information on the situation of events as it relates to ECOMOG and the Camp Johnson Road incident.

The high command wishes to state that ECOMOG took no part whatsoever in the fighting that ensued at Camp Johnson Road on 18 September 1998 or thereafter. Actually, all the ECOMOG troops deployed at security checkpoints in Camp Johnson Road area were withdrawn immediately the fighting broke out around 6 p.m. on 18 September."

Let's pause there, Mr Taylor. Did ECOMOG forces in Monrovia at this time have security responsibilities?

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