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Let's pick it up, please, at the second paragraph on that page:

"It is noteworthy, for instance, that the assistance to Sierra Leonean refugees is not unusual. It will be recalled that the Nigerian government under the auspices of ECOWAS had similarly financed the shipment of Liberian refugees back home on a number of occasions after the civil war. One then wonders the motive of the current blackmail if is not simply mischief.

It will therefore be most unfortunate for organisations and media outfits otherwise well respected to allow their platform to be used for playing the Liberian authorities against ECOMOG or ECOWAS initiatives. So far we in ECOMOG have exercised due restraint and would like our Liberian brothers and sisters to be equally discerning as to shun desperate mischief makers who are opposed to peace. We are peace makers in every sense of the word.

We will remain available for clarifications to genuine and well intentioned peace lovers in this society."

And it's signed by Major AC Okukolade, the chief military press information officer.

Now, Mr Taylor, was there evidence that ECOMOG were involved in airlifting Liberians into Sierra Leone?

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